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Subject: EDITORIAL: notes from ed team meetings Feb 3-4

This will probably be of interest only to the editors, though we'll 
continue to use the whole SSTC list for editorial team communications.


			*		*		*

*Filenaming conventions
*How to handle use case/solution document
*Kavi status

AI: Eve: Ensure that we have two folders in Kavi, "V2.0 Working
Specifications" and "V2.0 Auxiliary Documents", and distribute
the already-uploaded specs and contributions accordingly.

*Revision-full vs. revision-less uploading

AI: Eve: Propose new title page headers and other info for
providing latest/previous revision information (a la W3C and

AI: Editors: Add new title page headers and other info to their
specs as appropriate.

*Liberty schema modularity
*How to handle uploading schema files
*schemaLocation conventions etc.

We should upload schema files into the same directory as the
specs, but the schema filenames should remain revless in order to
help implementors avoid changing their code in trivial ways every
time we do an update.

*Document status

AI: Eve: Create new document/diagram showing latest specification
suite and assignments.

Normative documents:
Core: Eve and Scott: GREEN
Bindings: Frederick: GREEN

AI: Frederick: Incorporate the new decision on enhanced
client profiles.

We discussed whether to sequester some profiles in a separate
document that might not get included as part of the official SAML
V2.0 specification suite.  We agreed that until V2.0 gets out the
door, we may or may not separate the bindings and profiles into
separate documents (depending on Frederick's preference; he's
likely to separate things out), but all the profiles will still
be considered part of "V2.0".  After this release, we can
consider letting separate (future?) profiles "float" away from
the main SAML versioning track.

AI: John K.: Put text together on HTTP binding work in order to
contribute it to Frederick's Bindings document.

Conformance: Prateek (he's not here): YELLOW

AI: Prateek: Assess whether to turn Conformance into a formal
entry point into the SAML specification suite, or whether instead
to create an additional cover document, and then execute on the

Metadata: Jahan: GREEN
Authentication Context: John K.: GREEN
Glossary: Rob: GREEN

Rob's time will free up after the RSA interop event, so he's
comfortable keeping this assignment.

Non-normative documents:
Security Considerations: Frederick: GREEN

We need to be sure we clarify that this is in the specification
suite, though it isn't normative.  The diagram should indicate

Implementation Guidelines: Steve->?: RED

Note that Liberty submitted its own Implementation Guidelines
document.  We think this is a critical document to finish early
in order to encourage implementation of SAML V2.0.

AI: Rob: Ask the group for someone else to be the editor of this

Technical Overview: John H.: GREEN

John is producing a limited SAML V1.1-only version for the
interop event.  He wants to fill this out with all of the use
cases, in an easily understandable form.

AI: John H.: Produce a rough first draft of the technical
overview by the April SAML F2F.

Outreach documents:
Executive Overview: John H.: GREEN

This will only be a few pages and should be produced near the end
of the schedule.


We need to prioritize the FAQs we want to answer first; these
should be of the sort that will help implementors.  We'll try to
do that this week.

Website: Rob->Eve: YELLOW

Eve will mostly take this over, and will talk to Rob this week
about how to do this.

*OOo template status

AI: Eve: Send around the latest template to all the editors.

Eve asks everybody to make sure to use the available character
styles for elements, attributes, keywords, and datatypes.

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Products, Technologies, and Standards    eve.maler @ sun.com

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