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Subject: wrt SAML artifact definition

JohnK wrote:
> it was pointed out to me that my sessions proposal used the word 'artifact' 
> in the natural (English) language sense of term, which conflicts with 
> the SAML usage of the term. So I tried to find an actual definition of 
> either 'SAML Artifact', or a re-definition of the English-language word 
> 'artifact' in both [SAMLBind11] and [SAMLGloss11]. I was unsuccessful. 
> We do define a subject confirmation method xxx:artifact which refers to 
> a SAML artifact, but we don't officially seem to define what a SAML 
> artifact is, unless I'm missing something. 

no, you're not missing anything AFAIK. :)

> Given that 'artifact' and 
> 'SAML artifact' appear scattered throughout the specification set, would 
> it not be a good idea to make a glossary definition for a SAML artifact, 
> and to make some distinction between that and the English language word?

Yes, that's a good  idea and we should do exactly that, imv.



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