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Subject: RE: [security-services] EDITORIAL: notes from ed team meetings Feb 3-4

Eve -
With respect to the items assigned to me:
Metadata specification [Jahan]: I will wait for the next item to be accepted
before developing the spec. Scott has already done a great job developing
the schema.
Metadata schema [Scott, Jahan]: Scott has a proposed draft for this.
Metadata Discovery specification [Jahan]: this will be rolled into Metadat


Jahan Moreh
Chief Security Architect

-----Original Message-----
From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:Eve.Maler@Sun.COM]
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 8:40 AM
To: 'security-services@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: Re: [security-services] EDITORIAL: notes from ed team meetings
Feb 3-4

Okay, editorial folks -- how are you doing on your assignments?  A lot
of solution proposals were approved last week; are you getting them into
your drafts?  Remember that we have a quorate TC call next Tuesday; if
you can get your drafts out 24hr before, that will enable people to read
them before discussing and deciding on any issues.  (I'm mindful that
Monday is a U.S. holiday and many folks may have vacation that day...)

Below is the status, as I know it, on the editorial AIs we collected
last week.

Eve L. Maler wrote:
> This will probably be of interest only to the editors, though we'll
> continue to use the whole SSTC list for editorial team communications.
>     Eve
>             *        *        *

One new action item, worked out in private email, is for Scott:

AI: Scott: Add final W-2 protocol material to core spec.

> *Filenaming conventions
> *How to handle use case/solution document
> *Kavi status
> AI: Eve: Ensure that we have two folders in Kavi, "V2.0 Working
> Specifications" and "V2.0 Auxiliary Documents", and distribute
> the already-uploaded specs and contributions accordingly.
> *Revision-full vs. revision-less uploading
> AI: Eve: Propose new title page headers and other info for
> providing latest/previous revision information (a la W3C and
> IETF).

Done, but is now moot.  (BTW, I'm told that persistent URLs are
scheduled to be added to Kavi "soon", so we'll see...)

> AI: Editors: Add new title page headers and other info to their
> specs as appropriate.

Do not do this one.

> *Liberty schema modularity
> *How to handle uploading schema files
> *schemaLocation conventions etc.
> We should upload schema files into the same directory as the
> specs, but the schema filenames should remain revless in order to
> help implementors avoid changing their code in trivial ways every
> time we do an update.
> *Document status
> AI: Eve: Create new document/diagram showing latest specification
> suite and assignments.

I was playing around with an image map for this; hope to have something
for our own reference today.  However, I have already added a mostly
complete spec list to the SAML home page with links, and it looks like
this (annotated with editor assignments):


     * Scope and Work Items document for V2.0 [Eve]
     * Issues list [Eve]
     * Assertions and Protocols specification [Eve, Scott]
     * Assertion schema [Eve, Scott]
     * Protocol schema [Eve, Scott]
     * Bindings and Profiles specification [Frederick]
     * Conformance specification [Prateek]
     * Metadata specification [Jahan]
     * Metadata schema [Scott, Jahan]
     * Metadata Discovery specification [Jahan]
     * Security and Privacy Considerations specification [Frederick]
     * Glossary specification [Rob]
     * Authentication Context specification [John K.]
     * Baseline Identities and Attributes specification [John H.]

Missing from the home page are:

Implementation Guidelines [Charles]
Migration from SAML V1.x and Liberty ID-FF V1.2 [Scott]

...as well as some of the non-document-like outreach materials.

> Normative documents:
> Core: Eve and Scott: GREEN
> Bindings: Frederick: GREEN
> AI: Frederick: Incorporate the new decision on enhanced
> client profiles.


> We discussed whether to sequester some profiles in a separate
> document that might not get included as part of the official SAML
> V2.0 specification suite.  We agreed that until V2.0 gets out the
> door, we may or may not separate the bindings and profiles into
> separate documents (depending on Frederick's preference; he's
> likely to separate things out), but all the profiles will still
> be considered part of "V2.0".  After this release, we can
> consider letting separate (future?) profiles "float" away from
> the main SAML versioning track.
> AI: John K.: Put text together on HTTP binding work in order to
> contribute it to Frederick's Bindings document.


> Conformance: Prateek (he's not here): YELLOW
> AI: Prateek: Assess whether to turn Conformance into a formal
> entry point into the SAML specification suite, or whether instead
> to create an additional cover document, and then execute on the
> decision.


> Metadata: Jahan: GREEN
> Authentication Context: John K.: GREEN
> Glossary: Rob: GREEN
> Rob's time will free up after the RSA interop event, so he's
> comfortable keeping this assignment.
> Non-normative documents:
> Security Considerations: Frederick: GREEN
> We need to be sure we clarify that this is in the specification
> suite, though it isn't normative.  The diagram should indicate
> this.
> Implementation Guidelines: Steve->?: RED
> Note that Liberty submitted its own Implementation Guidelines
> document.  We think this is a critical document to finish early
> in order to encourage implementation of SAML V2.0.
> AI: Rob: Ask the group for someone else to be the editor of this
> document.

This got turned over to me; done.

> Technical Overview: John H.: GREEN
> John is producing a limited SAML V1.1-only version for the
> interop event.  He wants to fill this out with all of the use
> cases, in an easily understandable form.
> AI: John H.: Produce a rough first draft of the technical
> overview by the April SAML F2F.

Done.  I'm now editing it.

> Outreach documents:
> Executive Overview: John H.: GREEN
> This will only be a few pages and should be produced near the end
> of the schedule.
> We need to prioritize the FAQs we want to answer first; these
> should be of the sort that will help implementors.  We'll try to
> do that this week.
> Website: Rob->Eve: YELLOW
> Eve will mostly take this over, and will talk to Rob this week
> about how to do this.
> *OOo template status
> AI: Eve: Send around the latest template to all the editors.

Eek, still owe this to you all.  Will do it today.

> Eve asks everybody to make sure to use the available character
> styles for elements, attributes, keywords, and datatypes.

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Products, Technologies, and Standards    eve.maler @ sun.com

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