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Subject: RE: [security-services] Proposal for assertion-level subjects

> Argh! When I proposed assertion-level subjects, it was 
> because I wanted to REDUCE complexity. All this talk of 
> having both assertion and statement-level subjects, and 
> confirmations, is making my head spin.

I don't think we suggested keeping the statement level subjects, just that
it wouldn't be 5% case necessarily for having different confirmations in
different statements, whereas different subjects seems to be.

> If someone wants to support a choice between subject 
> confirmation methods, we can define an "or" element structure 
> in the assertion-level SC.

Is the current data model an "and"? I wasn't aware we even said what it
means to have multiple methods in 1.x, but I would have assumed it was an

> If someone wants to have two statements with different SCs, 
> they can put them in separate assertions.

Certainly an option I would not object to.

-- Scott

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