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Subject: Request for Presentation Slides on SAML and XACML

As most of you know, next week I will be representing SAML and XACML at the meeting of the 
ITU-T SG 17, which is considering adopting SAML and XACML as ITU-T specifications. My goal for the meeting is to do the best job I can of presenting the technical features of our specs and of course answering other questions about process, futures, etc.

I do have some slide material on SAML and XACML which I can use for this purpose. However, it occurs to me that others in either TC may have materials which are clearer, more detailed or in some other way better than mine.

Therefore I am requesting any presentation materials you may have describing SAML or XACML. Obviously the most desirable thing would be for people to post such materials to the relevant mailing list, so that they will be available to everyone. However, if for one reason or another you are not willing to do this, but can make the materials availble to me only for this specific purpose, I will be glad to honor any restrictions you place in it.

Naturally in all cases I will credit the people and organizations who provide materials.

I am flying out Tuesday evening (3/9) so I need the materials by Tuesday afternoon at the latest.

Thanks in advance,


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