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Subject: RE: AuthnRequest

> when I started to initially develop the KRB use cases it transpired that
> <AuthnRequest> would satisfy part of the requirements.  In particular by
> being able to obtain an assertion for the requesting principal or an
> Artifact/reference to an assertion.  Having just re-read the latest core
> spec I can't determine how an Artifact/reference could be returned.
> Could you (hopefully) point out how this this requirement is 
> satisfied.

It's my view that this is a binding issue, and the AuthnRequest contains an
optional ProtocolBinding element to allow a requester that supports multiple
bindings to specify the one it wants.

If a requester only supported one, it could leave this out and the responder
would use the requester's metadata to find out which binding to use.

The one thing this doesn't support is explicitly getting an assertion by
reference as opposed to a response by reference (the artifact). We could
address this by changing the Response content model to permit returning
Assertions or AssertionIDReference/AssertionURIReference elements.

-- Scott

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