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Subject: Re: [security-services] minutes for SSTC focus call, 2004-03-23

RL 'Bob' Morgan wrote:
> JohnH:  also want to cover UUID/GUID space, is this covered by standard?
> JeffH:  this is still just an internet-draft, I think
>   [yes, draft-mealling-uuid-urn-03.txt]
> JohnH:  also want human-readable name along with AttributeName
> Irving:  grumble, people will just string-match on these instead
> BobM:  justification can only be that in the case where the recipient
>   doesn't understand the OID, the friendly-name can be a hint on use
>   but that is fraught with problems
>   and doesn't replace real publishing of schema, which we're not covering
> [discussion of whether to cover attribute "semantics" in this doc]
> Prateek:  will do new version

ITU-T Rec. X.667 | ISO/IEC 9834-8, entitled "Generation and registration 
of Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) and their use as ASN.1 Object 
Identifier components", should be approved at the end of August. It is 
based on Michael Mealling's I-D.
It is in FCD (Final Committee Draft) ballot in ISO and comments can only 
be editorial, so you can already use it.
If you need a copy of it, I'll ask the ITU TSB to send the current draft 
to your Chair.
france telecom R&D

DTL/TAL - 22307 Lannion Cedex - France
t: +33 2 96 05 38 50 - f: +33 2 96 05 39 45 - http://asn1.elibel.tm.fr/

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