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Subject: FW: [security-services-comment] Public Comment

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Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 11:47 PM
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Subject: [security-services-comment] Public Comment

Comment from: suzuki@entrust.co.jp

Subject:Technical Overview of the OASIS SAML v1.1 Wowking Draft 03

This document is fine, however, I found two mistakes about the document.

1. line 300  7. https://www.abc.com/...
"7." is not needed, this line will be end of item 6.
Then item number 8,9,10,11 should be 7,8,9.10.

2. line 351: Figure 10
This figure is wrong. User accesses the remote web site first(SP), then
rediect to the local site(IdP). The figure is missing these flows.

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