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Subject: Revised bindings text

Attached below is revised draft section 3.2 (SOAP) bindings introductory text. This removes mention of the RPC encoding and incorporates the SOAP AI work.

I plan to incorporate this in the bindings revision, please let me know of any issues (SOAP 1.2 and SOAP 1.2 Primer references to be adjusted)


regards, Frederick
Frederick Hirsch

3.2 SAML SOAP Binding

SOAP is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment. It uses XML technologies to define an extensible messaging framework providing a message construct that can be exchanged over a variety of underlying protocols. The framework has been designed to be independent of any particular programming model and other implementation specific semantics. Two major design goals for SOAP are simplicity and extensibility. SOAP attempts to meet these goals by omitting, from the messaging framework, features that are often found in distributed systems. Such features include but are not limited to "reliability", "security", "correlation", "routing", and "Message Exchange Patterns" (MEPs).

A SOAP message is fundamentally a one-way transmission between SOAP nodes from a SOAP sender to a SOAP receiver, possibly routed through one or more SOAP intermediaries. SOAP messages are expected to be combined by applications to implement more complex interaction patterns ranging from request/response to multiple, back-and-forth "conversational" exchanges.

SOAP defines an XML message envelope that includes header and body sections, allowing data and control information to be transmitted. SOAP also defines processing rules associated with this envelope and an HTTP binding for SOAP message transmission.

The SAML SOAP binding defines how to use SOAP to send and receive SAML requests and responses.

Like SAML, SOAP can be used over multiple underlying transports. This SAML SOAP binding has protocol-independent aspects, but also calls out the use of SOAP over HTTP as REQUIRED (mandatory to implement).

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