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Subject: What's more important for the June F2F: Location or network access?

I'm running into a wall with getting external network access from the 901 King Street office, where I had been planning to host the June 14-17 F2F.

Here's the dilemma:

We can have our meetings within walking distance of downtown, with easy access to good food and drink and all the comforts of the urban core, but *no* Internet access from the meeting room (http://ca.maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?ed=JsFmMOp_0To2snEXUEXxxwmVM.dS41MPUkLQmIQ-&csz=toronto%2C+on&country=ca),


We can have the meeting at HP Canada headquarters, 5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, ON, which is about a mile from Toronto Airport (YYZ), in a sterile hell of cubicle farms separated by wide parking lots, but *with* Internet access (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?ovi=1&zoom=6&mapdata=lkA%2fomiQSEYckvZce8qIrJlwaDT3DTvt2NA8%2fA6LQCPJhoa291MnbH7eXElJBlsNtWpDf%2b9UuTLz6QA0P5Cb6ftxt9yinhtDEZbpYuHH0M%2bRRPL7ldwqK%2f11ZJBTcjKWUheFoUH5RwmsWdxGnr1D%2bX%2f4MF2gNo69LWVQYG2BNq97baoiGfxH6bHMjq9knd1HjRMCE9Q85PzA5h0ES39MKGr2RAi52AhXxYErE9r3ml%2bP56AdNhkgqzUY8GqtfKtUPg3XPdxAGhAG4dWvwT%2bGpF%2fBHuZDGQDf7Pv2WKxC2KjosxmVhnCTH9M%2bhWa060kxCnJyGqseYHjXfiDsamGuMg%3d%3d).

 - irving (my living-downtown bias is showing, isn't it?) -

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