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Subject: RE: [security-services] Additional suggestions for naming changes

> Qualifier -> Qual
> I give this one a C grade.  It doesn't look that good, and
> people don't really elide the "ifier" when they talk.  I suppose
> "Qualif" is an option, but it doesn't save that much.
> In saml:BaseIDAbstractType:
> s/NameQualifier/NameQual/
> s/SPNameQualifier/SPNameQual/

Different suggestion...how about we drop the Name part and just make it
Qualifier and SPQualifier.
> Reference -> Ref

+1, I almost just did it in my edits. If nobody objects, I'll just go ahead
and do it in the next draft I'm going to publish.

> Confirmation -> Conf

I wanted this one, myself.

> Condition -> (null)


> Attribute -> Attrib or Att

Agree with Irving, I would use Attr if anything, but don't think it's a big

> Service -> Svc

It's used so little, I don't think it matters.

> Assertion -> Assn

Don't think this is needed.

-- Scott

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