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Subject: RE: [security-services] Comments on Core 13 & Profiles 08aroundSubjectConfirmationData

> There may not be a use case but it could happen nonetheless - subject
> confirms through a signature, this performed before the start of the
> validity period (either because of clock skew or maybe because the IDP,
> when creating the assertion, set the NotBefore to be some time in 
> the future) 

Well, this is not a new situation, is it? Confirmation is separate from
validity today, I think, so I wasn't attempting to change that. We could add
text to this effect in the section that I think Bob proposed we add on
general "evaluation" or "validity" of assertions...

> yes, but do we need to say that there must be a point at which these
> requirements can be met simultaneously?

Sure, I can buy that. ;-)

-- Scott

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