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security-services message

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Subject: RE: [security-services] Minutes for Telecon, Tuesday 8 June 2004


Reference my name, and a possible AI assignment in the agenda :

E) Kerberos profile:

Prateek: Did the mailing list discussion end with a conclusion?

Scott: It seems that there is nothing in the Kerb protocol that can
carry the kerb preauth data, so in general there is no way to derive
sophisticated authentication contexts just from a service ticket. Either
authn context document (or perhaps the kerb profile doc) should discuss
how preauth could be reflected in the authn context

Unknown: the authn context document should specify that the relevant
data should be obtained securely.

John K: Rough proposal contained in the last message on the thread
(message June 2004 #43)

Scott: suggests just taking the first part of the proposed text; tone
down the part that proposes changes to the KDC

Missed: is John K going to update authn context, or did we nominate Tim
in absentia?

Tim> I am quite happy to take on this AI, but I need somebody to first
explain what they expect me to do, and what I am agreeing to ? I am also
sorry I was not able to take part in second half of con call today so I
missed this discussion.

Thanks, Tim.

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