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Subject: V2.0 document suite and proposed schedule

Re: the set of docs:


Eve posted this diagram to the list last month:



The doc’s that we need to have reviewed and stable prior to our TC last call vote are:

-          Core

-          Bindings

-          Profiles

-          Conformance

-          Security and Privacy Considerations

-          Glossary

-          Metadata

-          Authn Context

-          4 schemas: assertion, protocol, metadata, authn context


In addition, we also should get our outreach documents completed. 

-          Executive Overview

-          Technical Overview

-          Implementation Guidelines

-          Migration from SAML 1.1 and Liberty ID-FF 1.2

I don’t believe we originally planned for these to be voted on as Committee Draft documents.  However, we did vote the 1.1 Technical Overview document as a Committee Draft, so perhaps we will want to do the same for some of these. Let’s discuss it at the f2f.


Given the number and size of the documents, approaching summer schedules, etc., neither Prateek nor I believe it is reasonable to vote at the f2f to start our TC last call public review. We do intend to vote at the f2f to move to a weekly official (quorum) con-call meeting schedule starting in July so that we can keep this on track.


We are proposing the following schedule.  We believe this to be reasonably aggressive, but with everyone’s commitment to get the reviews done and documents updated, it is achievable.


  • June 15: V2.0 F2F in Toronto
  • June 22: Review updates since f2f.
  • June 29: Both Prateek and I will be out – anyone want a focus call this week?
  • July 6: All specification suite documents must have incorporated all input from the list and F2F #5. Note that this gives us 3 weeks since the F2F to complete all document changes and to resolve issues and action items.  This now begins sort of a pre-last-call deadline for final input.  Depending on how well things come together, we might possibly start our TC last call here, but we opted to allow another week before doing that.
  • July 13: VOTE to start 2-week committee last call period (includes external public review).
  • July 20: Review any last call input to date.
  • July 27: Cut-off date for TC last call input. All outstanding issues have been dealt with according to the last call process. The specs now become our "candidate” Committee Drafts and the TC addresses any outstanding non-normative editorial issues
  • August 3: VOTE to move spec’s to “Committee Draft” status (requires YES votes from 2/3 of ALL voting members). VOTE to move CD spec’s into 30-day Public Review for OASIS standardization (majority vote). Edit doc’s for CD status. Notify TC admin of the start of formal Public Review.
  • September 7 (first call following 30-day public review): Make sure all public review comments have been properly dispatched. Final editorial changes must be complete. VOTE to re-approve spec’s as final Committee Draft and VOTE to submit to OASIS for standardization. 
  • September 8-15: Complete all submission paperwork. All submissions for an October voting period must be complete by September 15.


Let us know what you think!

Rob Philpott
Senior Consulting Engineer 
RSA Security Inc.
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020


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