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Subject: Final attendee info for Toronto F2F

The meetings are being held at 901 King Street West, Toronto (corner of King St. and Strachan Ave). We're meeting in Room 6064, sometimes called the "training room". Visitors need to sign in at the front desk, and I'm pretty sure our security folks are going to make me escort you to the room. If not, I'll make sure there are signs up.

I'm booking the usual breakfast/breaks/lunch food service. A couple of people have indicated that they don't expect to stay through Thursday, so if we want to have a semi-official group supper it would probably work best on Tuesday evening. As I said before, I'll try to line up somewhere decent and reasonably priced. We'll probably end up being in the Entertainment District, so there are plenty of food options and some great places to go if people want to bar-hop after the meal.

Here's the map and route from the Holiday Inn to HP: http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?ovi=1&zoom=8&mapdata=lkA%2fomiQSEbenpvyy9WlfMsLZt17oadrH5hua3zBj8fbAfkZIMKr7A9c%2f7RsISZJeN%2blLjdwgj0oGJFZjib9gw7EeEx0yTjfiuH%2bRNpcLogAcpIdsHTMJiGXMJZoC9g1EEhRoqyHaEmbAlywM9R7qwZ7K17x6N1wu90pYztzKwZe%2bUPHIw77tJUjlhVeo4j%2f2NLlmEdPh9gvzswH70U4kOU0wU98%2f55G7GYHiP4qiErZoHQBX3PxBw%3d%3d&mo=ma&1ex=1&un=m&go=1&1sbx=0&2ex=1&1a=370%20King%20St%20W&1c=Toronto&1g=iJvXHpkiMXA%253d&2a=901%20King%20St%20W&2tabval=address&1l=csfj6DVRJpc%253d&2c=Toronto&cl=EN&2g=uh%252fsQrEkUfU%253d&1s=ON&2l=DA60KIicG2g%253d&ct=NA&1v=ADDRESS&1y=CA&1tabval=address&2s=ON&2v=ADDRESS&did=1086980843&2y=CA

If you're driving, might be able to talk your way into the parking lot under the building; enter off Canniff St. on the south side of the building; they may ask for $5.00/day. There's a parking lot on the south side of Wellington street (across from Stanley Park, 1 block south east of the office) that takes $4.00 in Canadian coins per day, or street parking 1 block south west of the office on Douro St. for $6.00 per day, coins or credit card.

If you're not driving, walk, hail a taxi, or take the King streetcar ($2.25 cash fare) and get off at the Strachan stop.

 - irving -
> From: Mishra, Prateek [mailto:pmishra@netegrity.com] 
> ...
> Wednesday 6/16:
> ...
> 2:45-5:00           Discussion of outreach documents: Executive Overview,
>                     Technical Overview, Implementation Guidelines,
>                     Migration Guide
>                          Each document will be discussed in parallel by
>                          interested participants and the editor. 
> Irving, do you think we can find a couple of smaller rooms for these meetings?

The room we're in and the cafeteria (two floors up) are the only places where you don't need a security card. Both are quite large, so we can probably split up across the two rooms if we need.

 - irving -

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