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Subject: Core editorial comments

Some comments on Assertions and Protocols, draft 14, 30 May 2004, diffed pdf version.

1) Section 2.3.3, line 448, reference section 8.4 instead of 8.3.6 for <xenc:EncryptedKey>

2) Section 2.4.3, <Issuer> line 509
suggest changing "...consumes the assertion or to specific profiles are application-specific."
"... consumes the assertion are profile or application specific."

3) Section Element <Subject>, line 559

Replace "<NameID>, <EncryptedID> or <BaseID>"
"<NameID>, <EncryptedID> or an element derived from <BaseID>"

4) Section, line 593 in Method definition:
Replace "...and profiles or by private agreement."
"... in profiles or by private agreement."

5) Suggest reformatting examples to use 2 spaces instead of tabs to avoid line wrapping (line 636, etc)

6) Should a note be added to 2.5.2 for AuthnStatement to indicate that AuthnMethod functionality is now incorporated in the AuthenticationContext? What is the implication that AuthnMethod was required, but that AuthenticationContext is optional, that now the AuthnStatement need not specify the means used for authentication?

7) XKMS reference, line 3226, should be removed, since it is no longer referenced in the document. ( This avoids the issue regarding what to reference - the note is old, XKMS 2.0 is progressing, but as W3C Candidate Rec can only be referenced as a work in progress -  http://www.w3.org/TR/xkms2/. )

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

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