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Subject: Last-call drafts and call for review now available on website

Folks, the last-call draft package that we approved today is now 
available from the SSTC website.  Please check out the site and let me 
know if you find any errors:


Note that I've created a zip file for downloading all the last-call spec 
and schema drafts at once:


Karl, Dee, and Robin, although the SSTC does this last-call phase on its 
own as an additional level of review along with the usual Committee 
Draft and OASIS Standard balloting phases, we thought you might be 
interested that we've reached this level.  It indicates that we believe 
these specs are feature-complete (though we're prepared to revise them 
to accommodate comments) and that we're actively soliciting external 
input even before the Committee Draft phase.  Think of it as a sort of 
beta.  (Note that there are other specs in the SAML V2.0 set that are 
either less crucial for initial implementation or are non-normative, or 
both, that will skip this last-call phase, though they have working 
drafts linked from the SSTC website.)

Dee, can I request that you add a blurb along the following lines to the 
next issue of OASIS News?  We will also send a note to the saml-dev 
mailing list along these lines.

The Security Services Technical Committee (SSTC) has produced a set of 
last-call working drafts for key SAML Version 2.0 specifications and 
schemas, and is soliciting review comments and implementor feedback 
prior to preparing Committee Drafts.  Comments are due by 2 August 2004. 
  The last-call drafts can be found here:


More information, along with links to additional SAML specification 
drafts, is available at the SSTC website:



Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Products, Technologies, and Standards    eve.maler @ sun.com

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