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Subject: sstc-saml-profiles-2.0-figure-browser-sso-overall-02.sxd

Here's another shot at the figure for Bindings doc, intended to be placed at
the first instance of the text frag "<need figure>". I've attempted to address
the comments I received. I toyed around with copying this in the spec, finding
that selecting the content of the figure and then...

   Edit > Paste Special > [type] GDI metafile

...seemed to give the "best" results (tho one /could/ create and edit OOo Draw 
figures directly within an OOo Text doc). But getting the figure to appear in 
the exact place I want it seems to be a bit of a challenge. The other attached 
file is a copy of the bindings doc with the figure inserted & a caption added.

Anyway, if Scott & Eve have other methodologies they wish to use, go for it.

anyway, comments on the figure invited.

I note that there's a already figure down in section 4.2.2, that MAY have been 
inserted using the same command sequence. The style of that figure is somewhat 
different than the figure I've done. is that an issue? shall I/we re-do the 
existing in sec 4.2.2?




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