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Subject: RE: [security-services] Comments on sstc-saml-core-2.0-draft-17.pdf ( long)


comments in line:

> We now have both bindings and profiles. I think we need to briefly
> discuss the relationship between the two (enough for an implementer to
> be able to know roughly how to proceed), and then lead the reader to
> [SAML-TechOvw] for more info.

That's great.  I've expanded the relevant TechOverview section to include a
lot much
information on bindings and profiles and their relationship

> Note that I mention "affiliation" in there - I don't see any mention of
> that concept in [SAML-Core] until we get to the section on NI formats,
> so I just want to make sure that the glossary and tech overview have
> something about affiliations in there. I don't really see such a great
> place to talk specifically about it in [SAML-Core] but that's probably
> OK if we have reference to the relevant places.

I will add something in about "affiliations" into the new Federation
sections of the
TechOverview.  I've had a dialog with Scott about how the semantics of
are used in SAML 2.0 - given that all the explicit elements concerning them
are no there
(at they were in ID-FF 1.2)


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