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security-services message

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Subject: minutes for 27-July SSTC con-call

> Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950 #351-8396

[Minutes provided by Rob]

Attendance list at end of official meeting minutes


1. Accept minutes from July 20 conference call



* Approved by unanimous consent.


2.  Status of last call review


* Plan for next week’s call

-        need to collect all last call comments and work through them

-        The current schedule makes it tight to be able to complete the 30-day review period, apply all updates, revote for CD, and complete the paperwork for OASIS submission.  For an October vote, the submission must be made by the 15th of September.

-        Current target is to vote for CD on 10-August.

-        Both Prateek and Rob may not be able to run the call next week.

o        Rob, Prateek, and Eve will talk on Monday re: handling next week’s call


a. Proposal to extend meta-data with attribute values



Scott – this can be grouped with Anne’s comments to the list this morning as well.

[Scott worked through his proposal on the list] – the basic idea is to derive off of AttributeType rather than AttributeDesignatorType.  This allows including attribute values in the metadata.


Peter D – Does this require any changes to profiles?

Scott – doesn’t add any processing rules to SSO profiles, although there may be some needed there anyway.   Probably need to include some text in the attribute profiles.  Although we could dodge the profiles work by adding text in the metadata description.


RL Bob - Move to accept Scott’s proposal to update the metadata draft

Peter – Second

*** Vote: No objection to unanimous consent.


Eve dropping off call – puts in a plea for input on the technical overview document (particularly Kerberos – Tim Alsop?). Please send chunks of text asap.


* Discuss Anne Anderson’s message:


Prateek - This is a change to the runtime and processing rules

Rob – does she want this to be a MUST in terms of processing rules?

Scott – yes.

RL Bob – the only feasible meaning for this is to filter out values returned by the authority.

Scott – there are a number of use cases, one of which overlaps with what we just dealt with in metadata.

<general discussion of semantics when the attribute value requested doesn’t match the value at the authority>

RL Bob – what if I ask for attr A with value X and attr A with value Y? 

Scott – Need a prose rule saying that the same attribute should not be named more than once.

Scott – told Anne that if there weren’t major objections to her mail, he would propose text on the list.

*** AI: Scott will propose text and schema changes.

Scott – This also will simplify the schema since there will no longer be a need for AttributeDesignator since it will never appear separate from AttributeValue.



b. Comments on sstc-saml-core-2.0-draft-17.pdf



Scott – main item to be discussed is that we need some text up from better describing NameIdentifier. Not hearing any objections (on the list), Scott will, by the next call, work through them and incorporate as appropriate.

*** AI: Scott to incorporate the notes


c. Corrections to Sstc-saml-bindings-2.0-draft-16.pdf



Scott – these are editorial in nature.


d. detailed comments on sec 4.2 Enhanced Client and Proxy (ECP)




*** AI: Scott and Jeff will coordinate offline to incorporate the changes.


3. New drafts


SAML 2.0 Technical Overview uploaded



* See Eve’s previous plea to provide additional text/comments.


sstc-saml-2.0-issues-draft-13-diff.pdf uploaded



BIND-4: Scott sent a note to the list



We should leave this open for now.


4. Open AIs


#0188: Update conformance document with focus call input   

Owner: Prateek Mishra  

Status: Open     

* Prateek – haven’t made much progress. Have comments to include from the focus call. Would like input from TC on the note from Scott this morning. Should all the queries be lumped together in one conformance “operational modes” (SAML Responder)? Main issue is the AuthzDecision response from a PDP. Instead of one SAML Responder operational mode, divide them up by the 3 types of authorities.

* Concensus seems to appear that this is okay.

* Steve – Has a similar concern over LogoutRequest and LogoutResponse being Mandatory To Iimplement when delivered over SOAP.  It isn’t meaningful if the system requires interaction with the browser.

* Scott – this would mean that the receiver can’t carry out the request and thus wouldn’t be conformant.

* Jeff – it was intended to facilitate deployment options.

* Scott – this would be a conformance decision making it a requirement for an implementation to work a certain way.

* Steve – this undermines the meaning of conformance.  They can’t all go together. Putting both in the MTI category is unreasonable. We just need more granularity or, in this case, SOAP can’t be the MTI.

* Scott – agrees.

* Prateek – Liberty folks want to make sure their requirements from the SCR are carried through to SAML 2.0.

* Prateek – Another concern is assuming that each operational mode can write back to some persistence store.


Still open.


#0187: Broaden Conformance Introduction  

Owner: Eve Maler 

Status: Open     


This should be rolled into AI #182.




#0186: Proper use of URIs results in uniqueness

Owner: Scott Cantor    

Status: Open     


This is a dup of AI 181. Need to close.


#0185: Rationalize presence of empty elements in schema    

Owner: Scott Cantor    

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0184: Send SSTC response to Thomas Grss paper to the author     


Status: Open     


Still open.


#0183: Comment s solicited on John Linn response to Thomas Gross paper 

Owner: Prateek Mishra  

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0182: Use Conform. doc as entry point to docs 

Owner: Eve Maler 

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0181: Explain that proper use of URIs results in uniqueness     

Owner: Scott Cantor    

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0180: Need to update SAML server trust document     

Owner: Jeff Hodges     

Status: Open     


Deferred. Still open.


#0179: Does conformance meet pki-cross-domain-profile-draft-01.doc


Owner: Rick Randall    

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0176: Provide sequence diagrams for profiles  

Owner: Jeff Hodges     

Status: Open     


Still open. Hope to close this week.


#0175: Add Security Context to glossary  

Owner: Jeff Hodges     

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0166: Investigate use of Wiki from teh web site     

Owner: Scott Cantor    

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0163: Need process for submission of profiles/authn context classes, etc.

Owner: Rob Philpott    

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0160: Separate Privacy concerns language from Element/Attribute


Owner: Prateek Mishra  

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0158: Propose changes to definition of Federation in glossary   

Owner: Prateek Mishra  

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0157: Define Binding and Profile in Glossary  

Owner: Jeff Hodges     

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0144: Explain optional subject decision 

Owner: Eve Maler 

Status: Open     


Still open. Deferred to post SAML 2.0


#0125: Propose language to explain that AuthNResponse may contain attribute


Owner: Prateek Mishra  

Status: Open     


Still open.


#0123: Obtain MIME type registration for HTTP lookup of SAML     

Owner: Jeff Hodges     

Status: Open     


* Scott – we need to do one for metadata as well.  Roll the metadata one into this AI.


Still open.



5. Any other business?

a. MaryAnn – what’s the status of the Thomas Gross paper response?

* Prateek – the draft was published by John Linn and we are in a review period at this time.


b. Hal – drawing attention to the new proposed OASIS IPR policy.  Folks need to look at this.

* This is a fairly substantial rework.


* Formal part of the call adjourned.


Attendance of Voting Members


  Hal Lockhart BEA
  Rick Randall Booz Allen Hamilton
  Ronald Jacobson Computer Associates
  Paul Madsen Entrust
  Dana Kaufman Forum Systems
  Irving Reid Hewlett-Packard Company
  Paula Austel IBM
  Maryann Hondo IBM
  Michael McIntosh IBM
  Anthony Nadalin IBM
  Scott Cantor Internet2
  Bob Morgan Internet2
  Prateek Mishra Netegrity
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia
  Senthil Sengodan Nokia
  Charles Knouse Oblix
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
  Darren Platt Ping Identity
  Jim Lien RSA Security
  John Linn RSA Security
  Rob Philpott RSA Security
  Dipak Chopra SAP
  Jahan Moreh Sigaba
  Bhavna Bhatnagar Sun Microsystems
  Jeff Hodges Sun Microsystems
  Eve Maler Sun Microsystems
  Emily Xu Sun Microsystems
  Mike Beach The Boeing Company
  Greg Whitehead Trustgenix
  James Vanderbeek Vodafone


Attendance of Prospective Members or Observers


  Ron Monzillo Sun Microsystems
  Carolina Canales-Valenzuela Ericsson
  Ari Kermaier Oracle
  Peter Davis Neustar
  Vamsi Mottokurur Oracle
  Nick Ragouzis Individual
  Forest Yin Netegrity


Membership Status Changes (since 7/6/2004)


  Ron Monzillo Sun Microsystems - Requested prospective status 7/12/2004
  Maryann Hondo IBM - LOA 7/13/2004 thru 7/20/2004
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork - LOA 7/13/2004 thru 7/20/2004
  James Vanderbeek Vodafone - Granted voting status after 7/13/2004 concall
  Gavenraj Sodhi Computer Associates - Granted voting status after 7/13/2004 concall
  Davis  McPherson Epok - Requested prospective status 7/13/2004
  Carolina Canales-Valenzuela Ericsson - Requested prospective status 7/13/2004
  Ari Kermaier Oracle - Requested prospective status 7/13/2004
  Peter Davis Neustar - Requested prospective status 7/13/2004
  Vamsi Mottokurur Oracle - Requested prospective status 7/15/2004
  Nick Ragouzis Individual - Requested prospective status 7/16/2004
  Hidehito Gomi NEC - Requested prospective status 7/16/2004
  Forest Yin Netegrity - Requested prospective status 7/20/2004
  Bhavna Bhatnagar Sun Microsystems - Returned from LOA before 7/20/2004 call
  Davis  McPherson Epok - Lost propsective membership after 7/27/2004 call
  Hidehito Gomi NEC - Lost propsective membership after 7/27/2004 call
  Ron Monzillo Sun Microsystems - Granted voting status after 7/27/2004 concall
  Carolina Canales-Valenzuela Ericsson - Granted voting status after 7/27/2004 concall
  Ari Kermaier Oracle - Granted voting status after 7/27/2004 concall



Focus call (minutes by Rob)

Attendees: Steve A, Jeff H, Irving R, RL Bob, Scott C, Ari K, Darren P, Rob P, Nick R, Dana K.


* Discussion of Liberty Static Conformance Requirements doc.

Scott – note that right column for LECP is for the “client” side.

Prateek – is this roughly where we want to go after augmenting with the various types of responders.

Scott – note there is an ambiguity w.r.t. metadata – is it MTI? There was a presumption in Liberty that it was.

Scott – You could only test dynamic metadata exchange. It should probably be a separate box, but don’t feel it should be MTI.

Scott – feels that the philosophical approach of having graded levels of conformance is useful.  The issue is what is the minimal set for SP Basic, etc.

Nick – The intent is that an SP has fewer constraints in order to be conformant.

Prateek – Sounds like the proposal is to start with the Liberty SCR columns, add the SAML Responder columns, and change it as is negotiated by the TC.

Scott – Note that the one-time identifier and the affiliations may need to be captured in a different way.

Prateek – Concerned that an SP that doesn’t maintain any persistence store MUST implement the RegisterNameIdentifier.

Scott – but it just means that you just have to properly consume the message.  If you don’t have a persistence store, then your interpretation of the message is constrained to your session-based user interaction.


[Rob had do drop off the call.  Remaining minutes provided by Prateek]


Continuted discussion around role of Name Management Protocols (e.g., RNI) and SP Basic.


Prateek: Suppose we have a simple-minded SP that has a fixed

list of SAML authorities, certificates and name identifiers that it accepts.

It has no ability to write into persistent state. How can it implement RNI?


Scott: RNI has appropriate conditionalities built into its protocol processing rules.

Weak SP need not implement persistence but may still be able to qualify for SP Basic conformance.


Prateek: concern that conformance suite will not be able to distinguish between a stateful SP and one without state. Note that

this is different from the issue of maintaining client-side session state.


Nick: current discussion within Liberty may have addressed this issue.



Scott: What about encryption? Suggested that it be built into the individual profile and mentioned

in the implementation matrix found in the current conformance document.


Thinkhs that it should not be exposed at the level of conformance.

Even you implement a certain profile than it is MTI to implement

supported encryption/decryption of elements/assertions.



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