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Subject: RE: [security-services] Stateless Conformity To SAML

> I think it would be a bad idea to define "SAML conformant" to 
> *only* cover the ID-FF use cases; there must be some way for 
> a product that supports other use cases, such as 
> attribute-based federation, to be conformant.
> One possibility would be to have "conformance targets" that 
> correspond to the existing SAML browser profiles/bindings, 
> without the extra account linking features that came in with SAML 2.0

As I've said before, I disagree with the contention that "account linking"
is a new feature of 2.0. What is new is having a specific "persistent"
NameID format designed for privacy preservation, which wasn't precluded in
1.1 but wasn't standardized. And of course, having a protocol for informing
a relying party that a NameID has changed.

However, attribute-based linking aside, all of the existing NameID formats
in 1.1 supported account linking. This isn't new. Maybe it's a new way of
thinking for people that they just didn't see before.

So statefulness is also not new. A question is how explicit to make the
notion of persistence of user identity in the SSO use case given that there
are potential conformance implications now for supporting a profile that
assumes persistence, since the profile is worthless without it.

One obvious option is to make the mgmt profile optional in light of the fact
that not everybody is apparently planning to implement support for it
anyway. The advantage to establishing a distinct conformance class for
"non-persistent" IdPs/SPs would be to call out *why* it's optional, and
insure that it's MTI if you're supporting the persistent use cases, which is
how I read Greg's suggestion.

-- Scott

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