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Subject: Editor's status report

After the latest batch, all of the major specs have been refreshed over the
weekend. Several people were waiting to make some comments based on the
latest editorial work, so have at it.

Overview of changes:

Core - mostly editorial additions per John Kemp, a few schema changes to
factor encryption out as a model group and to constrain AuthnContext the way
it was intended to be constrained per the prose. Also added a complete
example instance updated for 2.0.

Metadata - added agreed-upon addition to support value-filtering in
<AttributeConsumingService> schema, deferring value-matching text to core
for the moment, pending agreement to incoporate proposal on enhancing
AttributeQuery. Also added NameIDFormat element to indicate support for
various formats, and added complete examples.

Bindings - some editorial nits, added diagrams for all three HTTP bindings,
and examples for POST and Redirect.

Profiles - major editorial rework of ECP (again ;-) by Jeff Hodges, but it's
close now, it lines up with the other profiles better and has less
intermingling of processing rules and schema.

Left to do that I know of:

Glossary additions
Addition of value filtering to AttributeQuery in core
Encryption examples in core
Addition of <AttributeProfile> element to metadata
Insertion of other profile diagrams from Jeff's diagram file
Artifact binding example

-- Scott

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