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Subject: RE: [security-services] Conformance with identifiers/affiliations (long)

> In Liberty ID-FF 1.2 conformance testing, this simply meant that a 
> target SP was able to decode the encrypted name identifier that was 
> produced for it by an IDP.

Ok, but I wouldn't call that a test of NameID Mapping. I asked a few times
on calls whether we considered encryption a separate conformance item, but I
got the sense people considered all uses of encryption in core to be MTI
(subject to whatever algorithms we require). So if that's a concern, people
should speak up.

But NameID Mapping is a separate protocol, it just happens to make use of
encryption. And I don't think it's an SP thing, in the sense that we define
SP as the relying party for SSO.

-- Scott

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