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Subject: Additional text for MTI modes in digital signature and encryption

At the August 10 conference call, I took an action to investigate materials
describing MTI algorithms/use of keyinfo etc. for digital signature and
encryption. The thinking was this was material might be readily accessible
from existing ID-FF 1.2 or SAML 2.0 drafts.

After briefly looking thru the cited materials, my conclusion is that this
material is not so readily available and will require some discussion on the
list. In addition, we should also make sure we incorporate experience from
the SAML 1.0 and SAML 1.1 interops as well as that of the Liberty (ID-FF)
conformance events.

My proposal is that we omit this section for the CD draft. This material has
no impact on the normative text of schema and is more on the lines of a
baseline/advice for implementers. This section could be added at the
conclusion of the OASIS review process.

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