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Subject: proposed SAML artifact definition

Given that the english word "artifact" has meanings that don't immediately 
connote being a "protocol artifact" (see below), and also we use the unadorned 
english term in the spec (line 684 of sstc-saml-bindings-2.0-draft-20), I 
suggest we define the formal term as "SAML artifact" (which is actually used in 
the spec at this time)...

SAML artifact

   A small referential data object referring to another SAML data object, 
typically a SAML protocol message, held by a system entity participating in an 
exchange of SAML protocol messages. The SAML Artifact format is defined in the 
HTTP Artifact binding in [SAMLBind].


Main Entry:ar£ti£fact
Etymology:Latin arte by skill (ablative of art-, ars skill) + factum, neuter of 
factus, past participle of facere to do— more at  ARM, DO

1 a : something created by humans usually for a practical purpose;  especially 
   : an object remaining from a particular period *caves containing prehistoric 
   b : something characteristic of or resulting from a human institution or 
activity *self-consciousnessT turns out to be an artifact of our education 
system— Times Literary Supplement*

2 : a product of artificial character (as in a scientific test) due usually to 
extraneous (as human) agency
   –ar£ti£fac£tu£al \**r-ti-*fak-ch*(-w*)l, -*fak-shw*l\  adjective

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