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Subject: SAML interop hosted by OpenGroup, Sep 28-30

I've heard many call for an interop for SAML 2.0.  I got an emailing saying that the OpenGroup DIF (directory interoperability forum) is going to host an informal interop for SAML.
Below are the details:
- Cameron Morris
Novell, Inc.

>>>Chris Harding < c.harding@opengroup.org > 8/22/2004 8:49:18 AM >>>
Hi -

As discussed in the latest DIF teleconference, the 28-30 September Plugfest
will now include:
o discussion sessions on Open Source SAML Test Technology, and
o informal SAML testing

This is in addition to its original purpose of enabling certification of
LDAP-Enabled applications.

If your company produces products that use LDAP or SAML, you should be at
this plugfest!

Visit the Plugfest website at http://www.opengroup.org/dif/dc11/ for
further information, or contact me.

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