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Subject: Liberty offers to facilitate a SAMLv2 IOP event

Dear SSTC:

The members of the Liberty Alliance are offering
to conduct a SAMLv2 interop testing event this

Liberty's aim in extending this offer to the SAML
community is to assist in assuring the highest
quality results in the final SAMLv2.0 specification.
We also hope that this event will strengthen and
possibly accelerate having three attestations of
successful use as required for submitting the
specification for OASIS Standard.

In association with making this offer, Liberty has
located a venue and set aside resources. The GSA
eAuthentication group has generously offered their
Interop Lab, at their Washington, D.C. location,
as the venue, during the week of 8-Nov-2004.
Liberty and the GSA eAuth teams offer to coordinate
the technical requirements and event logistics. We
believe that only a nominal fee will be required
(for food and refreshments, estimated at $150 per

This event will be open to all interested parties
having SAMLv2 implementations -- membership in
Liberty or OASIS is not a prerequisite.

We suggest the participants be bound by a simple
non-disclosure agreement (NDA) covering the details
of what transpires at the event. Bugs and other
findings related to the specifications under test
will be made public.

For the event itself, Liberty will make available
its testing event technical infrastructure.

Additionally, Liberty offers participants the use
of its event services group, which can handle
participant registration, and technical and
marketing communications, in cooperation with
OASIS and the SSTC.

For questions and/or to express interest in
participating please contact:

- For event logistics (eg prospective attendance):
       Joni Brennan
       joni@ieee-isto.org, +1 732-465-5820
       ISTO Program manager

- For testing specifics: Hank Chavers
       hank.chavers@nokia.com, +1 (972) 894-6510
       Chair of the Liberty TECH-IOP Expert Subgroup

- For all other: Eric Tiffany
       eric.tiffany@ieee-isto.org, +1 413-458-3743
       Liberty's lead for this event

To work through the details of this offer -- such as
event timing and actual event coordination -- we suggest
that the SSTC also select a project-lead to work with
the above folks to coordinate the event.


JeffH & EveM
on behalf of the Liberty Alliance

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