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Subject: Latest spec versions

The specs have been stable since Tuesday for review hopefully in preparation
for another last call vote, but I uploaded two changed documents.

Bindings and profiles are still at cd-1b from last Tuesday.

Core is now at cd-1c with some section headings fixed reported by a
reviewer, but no actual changes.

Metadata is now at cd-1c with a schema fix. The protocolSupportEnumeration
attribute is supposed to be a set of URIs. It's data type of NMTOKENS didn't
permit the characters required, so I corrected it to be an anyURI list type,
which explicitly does what was intended. Normative change, but not a change
in the intent.

Agenda-builders, let me know if you need links to the latest docs for the
agenda, or just run them past me and I'll double check them.

I'm not aware of any outstanding comments, with the exception of Rob's note
about the error handling.

-- Scott

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