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Subject: RE: [security-services] RoleDescriptorType in Metadata schema


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Subject: RE: [security-services] RoleDescriptorType in Metadata schema
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> In the Metadata schema, it is the RoleDescriptorType that is 
> declared abstract rather than the RoleDescriptor element.

Elements aren't abstract in XML schema, types are. Elements can be of an
abstract type, as this one is, in which case xsi:type must be used to
declare the actual type.

> Consequently, XML Schema allows RoleDescriptor to occur in 
> metadata instances in addition to other elements of a type 
> derived from RoleDescriptorType, 

No, only the former. Try declaring a derived element and putting it in a
document, you'll get a failure because that's not in the choice allowed for
the EntityDescriptor.

> So the following would be valid
> <EntityDescriptor>
>     <RoleDescriptor>
>     </RoleDescriptor>
> </EntityDescriptor>

Nope. The type is abstract, and you have no xsi:type, therefore it's

> as well as something like
> <EntityDescriptor>
>     <new:NewRoleDescriptor 
> xsi:type="NewTypeDerivedFromRoleDescriptorType">
>     </new:NewRoleDescriptor>
> </EntityDescriptor>

Also invalid, since your extension element is not a legal choice.

> Was it the intent to allow the first case? Was it to avoid a 
> substitution group?

We don't permit substitution any more. The only legal way is:

<RoleDescriptor xsi:type="NewTypeDerivedFromRoleDescriptorType">

This is the same everywhere in the spec, Condition, Statement, BaseID, etc.

-- Scott

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