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Subject: RE: [security-services] Web SSO <AuthnRequest> conformance

> Greg, Scott, just curious, you guys suggested the xml is not optimized,
> with the exception of the saml ns in 2 locations, and the Format of the
> issuer which is optional, everything else is as expected under 
> normal conditions (i.e., consent is req'd and ID Federation is possible).

I would think the Consent attribute would be pretty rare, and I was mostly
seeing the extra Format attribute. Granted, the actual Issuer value would be

Plus you had some Subject bits, that's rare, also indicating the SP's
identity a second time in the NameIDPolicy/@NameQualifier is redundant,
unless you're using affiliations...

A few things, nothing major. Also, when you deflate, a lot of the SAML URIs
would tend to be compressed out since they have a common prefix anyway.

-- Scott

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