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Subject: Agenda for SSTC Conference Call, November 9

Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950 #351-8396


  1. Accept minutes from October 26 Conference Call



  1. SSTC plans CD and OASIS submission vote on December 7
    If successful, SSTC plans to submit specification set to OASIS by December 15.

  2.  Reminder: We need three attestations before OASIS submission on December 15.

  3. Metadata thread (Rob, Scott)

  4. Possible SAML 1.1 error

  5. Paul Madsen draft-02 of exec overview


        7. Greg W re: SAML 1.x Metadata


NOTE: draft is now available from http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/security/download.php/9967/draft-saml1x-metadata-01.pdf

      8.  Next steps with SAML 2.0 Technical Overview
          I cannot find the location of the most current draft; the only version I could find is:

  1. Open AIs (relevant to SAML 2.0)

#0203: Analyze/correct usage of SAML entity terminology

Owner: Eve Maler

Status: Open

Assigned: 31 Oct 2004

Due: ---

Eve Maler 2004-10-31 19:56 GMT
Rob Philpott sent a comment about the potentially confusing usage of the terms “principal”, “subject”, “user”, and “identity” in the specs (see comment #6):


At the 26 Oct 2004 quorate call, Eve agreed to analyze the usage of these terms, make sure we're using terms correctly, and find the right place to put commentary around this.

Eve Maler 2004-10-31 19:58 GMT
Oops: Eve agreed to examine "entity" usage specifically; it was Scott who agreed to clean up the principal/subject/user distinction.

#0199: Glossary updates

Owner: Jeff Hodges

Status: Open

Assigned: 25 Oct 2004

Due: ---

Prateek Mishra 2004-10-25 20:14 GMT

- Jeff to provide feedback to Prateek's Glossary tweak

- Jeff to address Quadrasis comments on glossary


#0163: Need process for submission of profiles/authn context classes, etc.

Owner: Eve Maler

Status: Open

Assigned: 22 Jun 2004

Due: ---

Rob Philpott 2004-06-22 16:29 GMT
On the web site, we need to state what the process is for submitting and dealing with additional authn context classes, new profile documents, etc.

Rob Philpott 2004-06-23 16:03 GMT
Note that this is different from AI 164 for SCott and John K to propose text within the spec documents that points to the web site.

Eve Maler 2004-10-12 16:27 GMT
Add a lightweight registration/"linking-to" notice on the website.

#0160: Separate Privacy concerns language from Element/Attribute descriptions

Owner: Prateek Mishra

Status: Open

Assigned: 30 Apr 2004

Due: ---




#0123: Obtain MIME type registration for HTTP lookup of SAML

Owner: Jeff Hodges

Status: Open

Assigned: 13 Feb 2004

Due: ---

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