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security-services message

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Subject: specification text question and editorial nits



lines 479-481

Note that an entire assertion can be encrypted into this element and used as an identifier. In such a case,

the <Subject> of the encrypted assertion is the "identifier" of the subject of the enclosing assertion. Note

also that if the identifying assertion is invalid, then so is the enclosing assertion.



I am not sure what the role of this text is. Is it an implementation hint? I am specially puzzled by the last sentence --- I don’t see that it is implied by the remainder of the specification text.




Lines 1906 – 1910




The entity who presents the request to the authority and either authenticates itself during the

sending of the message, or relies on an existing security context to establish its identity. If not the

request issuer, the sender acts as an intermediary between the request issuer and the responding

identity provider.



I propose the following editorial changes:
(1) R/sending of the message/transmission of the message/
 (2) R/sender acts as an intermediary/presenter acts as an intermediary/


Line 1985 – double period


Line 2031 R/by encrypted/be encrypted/






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