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Subject: Authentication Context Comments

I had taken an editorial action to review recent comments on the authentication context specification and check if all updates had been picked up in schema and documents. The only comment from the relevant time period I found was:


Errors in Authentication Context Schemas




Resolutions to date:


1) No change, the idea is that RestrictedLengthType is a utility type used by RestrictedPassword.

The minimum size restriction is intentional rather than accidental.


2) Proposed change has been made.


3) Use of <AuthenticationMethod> in the core AC schema versus <AuthNMethod> in all derived

classes. The intention here is to use the same name (the derived classes all

restrict AuthenticationMethod but refer to AuthNMethod instead). This change has not been made.



Proposed change:   replace AuthenticationMethod by AuthNMethod in core AC schema

(and specification).

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