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Subject: RE: [security-services] Re: Question about IPR on the final SAML V2 specs


> > Where are the licenses for the Liberty related patents for

> > use with SAML?


> Wouldn't there have to *be* Liberty-related patents for use with SAML for

> there to be licenses?


> I've yet to see a message from anybody claiming there are any. I think

> it's

> suitably clarified that what applied to the original contribution is a

> separate issue (and was documented per OASIS requirements).


> It would be *wrong* to link to the Liberty claims except as they applied

> to

> that contribution.



[RSP] If the companies in Liberty that posted notice of claims to Liberty are also members of SSTC and they believe those claims apply to SAML 2.0, it is their responsibility to make an appropriate declaration to the OASIS Executive Director.  The chairs made a request to all list members to make such declarations known.  See:




If and when such declarations are made, they will be posted to the SSTC IPR page.


As Conor pointed out in:




only AOL and Fidelity had issued patents that applied to ID-FF.  It is up to those companies to decide whether those claims apply to SAML 2.0 and to provide notice to the OASIS Executive Director regarding those claims and any necessary licensing terms.  The chairs of the TC have been and will continue to work with the OASIS Executive Director to facilitate the process of obtaining those notices.

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