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Subject: AOL OASIS SAML Intellectual Property Disclosure

At this time, America Online, Inc. believes it owns certain patents and pending patent applications that contain claims which may be essential to the SAML v2.0 OASIS Standard (hereinafter NECESSARY CLAIMS).  The patents and pending applications at issue here were previously identified as essential to the Liberty Alliance Version 1.1 Specifications (see: www.projectliberty.org/specs/AOLtable.php) - which specifications have been substantively incorporated into the SAML v2.0 OASIS Standard.

In the interest of encouraging deployment of SAML-based technologies, America Online, Inc. (on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries) hereby covenants, free of any royalty, that it will not assert any of its NECESSARY CLAIMS against any other entity with respect to any implementation conforming to the SAML v2.0 OASIS Standard, however, this covenant shall become null and void with respect to any entity that asserts, directly or indirectly (e.g. through an affiliate), any patent claims against America Online, Inc.

Conor P. Cahill
America Online, Inc.

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