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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0123 Obtain MIMEtype registration fo...

OASIS Security Services (SAML) TC member,

Rob Philpott has modified this action item.

Number: #0123
Description: Obtain MIME type registration fo...
Owner: Jeff Hodges
Status: Closed

Rob Philpott  2004-06-23 15:29 GMT
Attached is the initial rev of an I-D seeking to register the MIME media type 
"application/saml+xml". Please review.

I've pinged the I-D editor to request a filename for the doc, I'll submit it to 
both the I-D editor and the SSTC doc repository once that's finalized (std 
procedure for I-Ds).

In concocting this draft, I've noted that MIME media type registrations aren't 
necessarily the simple little registration exercise I'd thought they were. They 
(the ietf-types@iana.org denizens) may desire more content, e.g. sec 
considerations, in this doc. We'll see. Nominally, I think it's "good enough" 
as is, especially since the SAML spec sets have thorough sec considerations 
sections and I've referenced said spec sets carefully. Anyway, we'll see.

Also, I based this on a draft registration for application/rdf+xml. In that 
draft, Aaron Schwartz claimed an optional parameter of "charset", and indicated 
that the considerations thereof are the same as for "application/xml" (as 
documented in http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3023.txt). Additionally, he did the 
same thing for the "encoding considerations", i.e. said they were the same as 
for "application/xml".  So, without excrutiating research, I did the same thing 
in this draft. fwiw/fyi.

anyway, lemme know whatcha think.



Rob Philpott  2004-08-03 05:33 GMT
27-Jul: * Scott  we need to do one for metadata as well.  Roll the metadata one into AI #123.

Rob Philpott  2004-09-22 04:59 GMT
14-Sep: JeffH:  comments received from reviewers re magic numbers and XML awareness of MIME processor. Should be ready to go to IESG.

21-Sep: Jeff posted assertion and metadata-secific documents to the list.  These are to be added to the relevant documents as an appendix before public review.

Eve Maler  2004-10-12 16:30 GMT
12 Oct 2004: Jeff has submitted the registration docs to the IESG last week, and they're chewing on it.  This is a new process, so we're guinea pigs.  We don't want to check off this item until it's accepted.

Eve Maler  2004-10-31 19:42 GMT
26 Oct 2004: Jeff reported offline that the IESG is expected to take up the submissions this/next week, which will be good timing if all goes well.

Rob Philpott  2005-01-04 00:29 GMT
Closing per 21-Dec con-call.  

Jeff will reformat as plain text for IANA update after final docs done.

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