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Subject: Updates to conformance specification

1. Delete line 196
>3. All Consent Identifiers as defined in Section 8.4
>of [SAMLCore].

2. Add at line 196:

Conforming SAML implementations MUST permit the use of
all identifier constants 
described in Sections 8.2 and 8.3 when producing and
consuming SAML messages. 
SAML message producers MUST be able to create messages
and SAML message consumers 
must be able to process messages with any of the
constants present in these 

Sections 8.3.7 (persistent name identifiers) and 8.3.8
(transient name identifiers) 
define normative processing rules for the producer of
such identifiers. 
All normative processing rules in sections 8.3.7 and
8.3.8 MUST be supported. 
The remaining identifiers in sections 8.2 and 8.3
specify no normative 
processing rules.  Since no normative processing rules
exist for the other 
identifiers, generation and consumption of these
identifiers is meaningful 
only when the generating and consuming parties have
externally-defined agreement 
on the semantic interpretation of the identifiers.

In this context, "process" means that the
implementation must successfully 
parse and handle the identifier without failing or
returning an error. 
How the implementation deals with the identifier once
it is processed at 
this level is out of scope.

A SAML implementation may provide the facilities
described above through 
direct implementation support for the identifiers or
through the use of 
supported programming interfaces. Interfaces provided
for this purpose must 
allow the SAML implementation to be programmatically
extended to handle all 
identifiers in section 8.2 and 8.3 that are not
natively handled by the 

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