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security-services message

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Subject: Minutes from FOCUS call, January 25

Scott Cantor
Rick Randall
John Linn
Tom Wisniewski
Ari Kermaier

1. Status of additional SAML 2.0 documents
i. Executive Overview

ii. Technical Overview

iii. Implementation Guidelines

Scott - What format will the acknowledgement section
of these documents take? 
Will they be identical to the normative SAML2.0 docs?
Currently, they have a different

Deferred to the call next week especially as
Ed-in-Chief Eve isn't on the call.

Tom W. - concern that tech overview enumerates all the
different bindings that
might be used to implement a profile. Is that a goal
of the overview? 
Will send a message to the list raising this issue.

Scott - enumerating all possible bindings is useful
but overview may not be the
best place. Should definitely be captured as part of
SAML documentation.

Scott - will provide comments on implementation
guidelines by end-of-week. SAML 
Wiki creation is on track and should be accessible
soon. The Wiki would be authenticated
and require posters to accept that their content is
not confidential etc. This
would allow parts of the Wiki to be re-used in OASIS

2. Other documents on CD track  

i. Response to T. Gross analysis of SAML 1.1 artifact

ii. SAML 1.1 Metadata Profile

Prateek has made his updates on Gross analysis and
John Linn has reviewed them. Prateek to
publish within the day. 

Metadata discussion is on-going on the list.

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