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security-services message

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Subject: Minutes from Focus Call, February 8

Prateek Mishra
Bob Morgan
Scott Cantor
Ari Kermaier
Paul Madsen
Tom W.
Peter Davis
Frederick Hirsch
Rick Randall
Greg Whitehead


1. Status/Changes to drafts

(a) sstc-saml-exec-overview-2.0-draft-04.sxw 

Current draft has picked changes from mailing list. 
Eve to provide some text on trust models.


(b) SSTC response to Tom Grosz analysis of Artifact


Prateek has communicated information about 01 draft to
Tom. Currently, no time line
on response from Tom. SSTC needs to decide on timeline
regarding CD status. 

(c) SAML 1.1 Metadata Profile


Scott hasn't had a chance to update draft. Prateek
plans to comment this week. 

(d) AuthN-based Attribute Sharing Profile 


Small changes from previous draft, includes additional

(e) Errata document


Jahan is not on the call. Ari points to his message:


2. New Threads - Bug in the bindings doc; wrong RFC 

Scott: no real problem in the specification but it
needs guidelines for implementors.

Greg: will research problem and report back to the

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