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security-services message

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Subject: SSTC Minutes v1 - February 15, 2005

SSTC Conference call, February 15, 2005 Minutes v1

21 people of 36 , quorum established. Attendees listed below.

1. Approve minutes from February 1, 2005


Minutes accepted without objection.

2. Recent document updates

Scott - minor cleanup, clarifications on metadata schema (e.g.
difference of artifact from SAML 1) 

A few clarifications outstanding - including Attribute Requesting
Service - indexing mechanism not in SAML 1, also KeyDescriptor. Another
draft planned this week. Please provide comment.

3. Recent discussion threads

a. Errata item? Clarifying [Want]AuthnRequestsSigned metadata setting 


Potential errata - status not resolved. 

Action Item - Scott to contact Jahan with input based on discussion with
Greg Whitehead. 

Open issue.

b. Re: [security-services] Bug in the bindings doc; wrong RFC


Scott - Java libraries with proper configuration implement what spec
intended. The SAML spec references the correct RFC as intended. Thus
this is an implementation guideline issue. 

Scott - I am looking for independent verification that Java libraries
implemented properly. 

Action - Scott will run some additional tests.

Issue remains open 

1. Missing bibliographic entry for RFC in SAML spec
2. Issue - misleading Java documentation which says it does DEFLATE but
really does ZLIB, so need to clarify this situation. 

Note - we really did mean DEFLATE, not ZLIB.

Need to add explanation to implementation guidelines. 

4. Other business?

John Hughes - - New version of technical overview will require some more
time than anticipated - since terminology update is required for figures
as well as text. Draft anticipated for early next week.

Rick - when are new cd track items to be revisited
Prateek - next quorate call in 2 weeks, so send message in advance to
list asking for draft to be considered for CD status at that meeting.
Rick - March 1

Meeting Adjourned

Bhavna Bhatnagar
Scott Cantor
Wendy Gray
Heather Hinton
Frederick Hirsch 
Maryann Hondo
John Hughes
Ron Jacobsen
Dana Kaufman
Eve Maler
Prateek Mishra
Ron Monzillo
Bob Morgan
Darren Platt
Nick Ragouzis
Rick Randall
Irving Reid
Thomas Wisniewski
Emily Xu

19/36 members present, quorum achieved


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