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Subject: Re: [security-services] Interop events

Hi Cameron,

This is very timely as we have now pretty much put the
SAML 2.0 specifications to bed. 

(1) Interops: My guess is that there will be
additional opportunities for interop driven by
interest from conferences/meetings. The OASIS folks
(Andy, Dee) will help keep us in the loop on this.
SSTC members can also propose/lobby for interop

(2) Conformance: I hope that the SSTC will take an
interest in this issue and that volunteers will take
this work forward. As SAML 2.0 implementations become
pervasive, there is a danger that some implementations
may have errors or misunderstandings. It would be
great if we had a document that summarized all the
tests a conformant implementation should pass. There
is also an opportunity here for a vendor to build an
implementation against the conformance test suite
specification. But first we need some "champions" for
this issue (hint, hint...).

- prateek  

--- Cameron Morris <cmorris@novell.com> wrote:

> I searched though the email archives and I haven't
> found any more
> interop events this year.  Are there any planned? 
> I'm assuming that there are no conformance tests, no
> certification that
> OASIS will officially give out - such as Liberty
> does.  I'm I correct? 
> - Cameron 
> Cameron Morris
> Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Linux and
> identity solutions
> http://www.novell.com

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