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Subject: SAML speaker sought for Real Estate IT meeting


I have an hour scheduled for the session, but am also
trying to see if
someone from Microsoft can come talk about ADFS, in
which case I'd look
for 2 20-25 minute presentations with 10-20 minutes
for discussion.
Now, if someone can talk both, compare/contrast, then
that might do the
trick and I could consolidate to one 45-50 minute
presentation with
10-15 minutes for questions.

Note: forwarded message attached.
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Prateek Mishra,

I am trying to find out if someone from OASIS or a committee member who
would be interested in spreading the word about SAML (as a means of
providing security between web applications) at a real estate industry
developers' meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on March 15 (or possibly March
16). Information about the meeting is available here:

Please let me know if there is interest from your end and we can discuss
this opportunity further.

Thank you,

Matt Cohen
Chief Technology Officer
Clareity(tm) Consulting and Clareity(tm) 
Security Real Estate IT Consulting 
"SAFEMLS(tm) Security Education, Consulting and Solutions"


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