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Subject: Extensions, namespaces...

I just uploaded a first draft of the metadata extensions proposal. Thanks to
Tom Scavo at NCSA turning this around so fast, I just did some final

If anything else comes up in the near term worthy of extension, we could
bundle it.

I wanted to suggest we spend a little time on everyone's favorite topic,
identifiers. Before we publish anything else as CD, we should decide on how
to create URIs that are "off" the main standards track.

Our convention as stated in core is that XML namespaces and profile URIs
include the version of the spec in which the URI is originally published.
That leaves open the rules for URIs that aren't being published in a spec.
It also suggests they shouldn't have a version number in them, because it
implies they were.

That's why I proposed the SAML 1.x metadata profile URIs the way I did, and
I did something similar (but not all that similar) in this draft. We should
agree on some kind of way to name profiles and such.

-- Scott

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