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Subject: Some items for the errata for <LogoutRequest> ...

Rats – wish we’d caught these…


  1. In core line 2540 it says that “Reason” on the LogoutRequest is “in the form of a URI reference”.  However, in the schema, the Reason attribute is type=”string”, not type=”anyURI”.  All of the reason codes that we define (in section 3.7.3 and are actually URI’s, but I don’t recall whether it was set to string in the schema to allow custom non-URI reasons.  In any case, since the schema defines it as a string, we’re stuck with that.  The text should be changed to match the schema.
  2. Line 2660 refers back to section “3.6.3” for Reason codes.  This should refer to section “3.7.3”.


Rob Philpott
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