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Subject: venue for SAML profile discussion/registration

Along the lines of "other business" for today's call:

I think we've talked about this issue occasionally but I don't think we've 
come to a conclusion.  Maybe it is somewhat related to the conformance 
discussion in terms of facilitating the use of SAML by specific 

People may be aware that there is some work going in the SIP community 
about profiling SAML for use in authentication and attribute-transmission 
for SIP sessions.  See:


for the current document.  I recently spoke with the main author (Hannes 
Tschofenig) about how to proceed with this.  They're thinking about some 
extensions to SAML (eg a SIP-specific confirmation method) and wondering 
(a) how to get review, and (b) if OASIS or the SSTC will provide a way to 
register such extensions.  I think it's in the interest of the SAML 
community to support this kind of thing, at least structurally (obviously 
we can't commit anyone in particular to do serious design work).  Ideally 
some procedures-for-profiling/extending-SAML would be in our outreach 

  - RL "Bob"

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