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Subject: Minutes of 2-May SSTC Focus Group Con-Call


  • Prateek M.
  • Rob P.
  • Cameron M.
  • Rick R.
  • Eve M.
  • Peter D.


Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950 #351-8396

Low attendance on the call.  A few folks sent regrets.

? should we drop back to bi-wwekly official calls and drop the focus calls?  The general consensus is yes.


? Any discussion desired on the items in the agenda?

- Cameron: Distributed XPath attribute profile but has received little feedback.

- Prateek: We can recommend moving it to CD status and that should get folks to review/comment.

- Cameron: did have comment from Robert Aarts that he had missed.  Cameron will update/distribute a new draft to deal with that comment by next week.


Rob: recommend making a motion at next week’s call to start an electronic ballot for a CD vote on both of the submitted profiles (X509 authn-based attribute profile and xpath attribute profile).


Meeting adjourned.


1. Errata in ManageNameIDRequest text

2. Errata - Minor clarification

3. Comments regarding x509 authn based attribute profile (draft 4)

4. sstc-saml-x509-authn-based-attribute-protocol-profile-2 0-draft-05.pdf

5. sstc-saml-2.0-xpath-attribute-profile-draft-01.pdf uploaded

6. SAML Testing Referral Program Proposal for SSTC Review & 30 Day Feedback - Response to SSTC Feedback

NOTE: This will re-appear on the agenda for next weeks formal SSTC conference call, I am including this only to acknowlegde discussion on the list


7.  Executive Overview rev 08 (.pdf with diffs) (sstc-saml-exec-overview-2.0-draft-08-diff.pdf) uploaded

NOTE: this document has been voted to CD status by the SSTC, I am including this only to acknowledge discussion on the list



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