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Subject: Agenda for 7-Jun SSTC con-call (with new con-call access code)

*** Please note that the dial-in access code has changed!

Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950; Access code: 270-9441#


1.       Approve minutes from 24-May-2005 con-call:

a.       Minutes of SSTC Conference Call, 24-May-2005


2.       Recent electronic ballots:

a.       CD Status for xpath-attribute-profile-03.pdf?

                                                   i.      This ballot received 12 Yes, 1 No, and 11 Abstain votes.  Thus, this motion failed.

                                                 ii.      Subsequent list discussion:

1.       Conor, at al: XPath Attribute Profile

2.       Cameron, et al: Update to XPath

3.       Cameron, et al: In defence of XPath

                                                iii.      Next steps?

b.       CD status for x509-authn-based-attribute-protocol-profile

                                                   i.      This ballot received 25 Yes, 0 No, and 7 Abstain votes.  Thus this motion is carried.

                                                 ii.      Subsequent list discussion:

1.       Conor et al: X509 authn based attribute protocol profile

2.       Prateek, et al: Comments on X509 -authn-based-attribute-protocol-profile-draft-07.pdf

                                                iii.      Next steps?


3.       Eve: Status on metadata-ext CD edits?


4.       Latest errata document posted:

a.       Jahan: Groups - SAML 2.0 Errata - Draft 07 (sstc-saml-errata-2.0-draft-07.pdf) uploaded

b.       Conformance errata? Eric Tiffany note on comment list:

                                                   i.      Public Comment


5.       Latest tech overview document posted:

a.       John H: Groups - sstc-saml-tech-overview-2.0-draft-06.pdf uploaded


6.       Other list discussions and postings:

a.       Prateek: Contributor lists for draft-saml-metadata-ext-01 and draft-saml1x-metadata-05

b.       Tom W: Errata for NameIDPolicy

c.       Tom W, at al: AuthnRequest Subject vs. NameIDPolicy usage

d.       Steve: Federated Provisioning...

e.       SAML Slides posted:

                                                   i.      Hal: SAML Slides presented at OASIS Open Standards Day Amstedam

                                                 ii.      Eve: SAML V2.0 Basics slides


7.       Any other business?


8.       Adjourn


Rob Philpott
Senior Consulting Engineer
RSA Security Inc.
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020
I-name:  =Rob.Philpott


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