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Subject: Minutes of SSTC Conference Call, 07-June-2005


SSTC call Tue 6/7/2005 9:00 AM


  • Attendance taken
  • Prior minutes approved
  • Brief discussion of tackling the agenda slightly out of order due to some members needing to drop off the call early
  • SAML Adoption Enhancement subcommittee
    • General discussion
    • Rob sent the OASIS requirements for creation of subcommittees
    • Merrit will take the chair of the new committee and has action item for the next meeting to deliver a proposal conforming to the OASIS requirements
  • Latest Errata (agenda pointed to v7 but v8 is actually the latest)
    • PE14:
      • Some general discussion, Scott and Brian agree on a high level but there may be a few minor nits. 
      • Give two more weeks for others to review
      • Vote next call
      • Overlap with PE5 is noted and agreement is reached that if PE14 is approved next call, then PE5 goes away
    • PE7: Still open
    • PE10: Still open
    • PE11: Jahan moved to approve, Scott seconds, no additional discussion, unanimous consent
    • PE11: Jahan moved to approve, Scott seconds, no additional discussion, unanimous consent
    • PE12: Scott moved to approve, Greg seconds, no additional discussion, unanimous consent
    • PE13: Jahan moved to approve, Hal seconds, no additional discussion, unanimous consent
    • PE15:
      • Thomas discusses the issue and the proposed resolution text
      • Scott confirms that the proposal fits with his original intent
      • Moved to approve, second, no additional discussion, unanimous consent
    • Additional PE item regarding a particular use case within the SSO profile
      • Greg to seed with an initial email and Scott will write up the use case, potential issues, and possible PE text
  • CD status for xpath attribute profile
    • Did not pass the vote (12 Yes, 1 No, and 11 Abstain votes) and will not move to CD status
    • Will continue discussion on the list and continue document updates
  • CD status for x509 authn based attribute protocol profile
    • Did pass the vote (25 Yes, 0 No, and 7 Abstain votes) and will (?) move to CD status
    • Significant additional discussion – particular concern about the title implying security that isn’t there.  Also focus of the document is unclear to some
    • Rick & Rob take an action item to work on the document
      • Consider a different name
      • Address security considerations
  • Status on metadata-ext CD edits
    • Eve on vacation
    • Rob mentioned that Eve has sent edited copies to Prateek, Scott Cantor, Greg Whitehead, and Rob to review.  Once that’s done that, Rob will upload the documents.
  • Latest Tech overview doc posted
    • Hold discussion until next call b/c John is absent
  • Contributor list for metadata-ext
    • taken care of already
  • Tom W: Errata for NameIDPolicy
    • Addressed in errata discussion
  • AuthnRequest Subject vs. NameIDPolicy usage
    • Addressed in errata discussion
  • Federated Provisioning
    • No additional discussion
  • Other business?
    • Johan – Feature matrix change from NA -> optional re ECP in conformanceLeave as open for now
    • A question about ECP and conformance – is required for all SP/IDP operational modes? YES
  • Adjourn


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