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Subject: RE: [security-services] ECP SSO Profile and Metadata

> 1. When the ECP talks to the IDP, the IDP SSP Descriptor 
> metadata setting it would use would be the Single Sign-On 
> Service endpoint with a binding of urn:...:SOAP.

Well, I don't think it was ever a given that clients would use the metadata.
They could, but I think they usually end up having the URLs provisioned
But yes, the binding used to the IdP is SOAP.

> 2. When an SP publishes its metadata, what is the binding of 
> the Assertion Consumer Service endpoint that is used by ECP 
> callers. I.e., is it urn:...:SOAP or is it urn:...PAOS? Since 
> the IDP doesn't really care/know about ECP, I assume the 
> value should be urn:...:SOAP?

I would say it's PAOS, since that's what the binding in use is on that leg.
But whatever, should be clarified.

> 3. When the IDP is sending back a response to the ECP,  it 
> should only ever be sending this back to an Assertion 
> Consumer Service whose endpoint is SOAP/PAOS (as answered in 
> 2 above)? I.e., for a SOAP binding based AuthnRequest, the 
> assertion consumer url that gets identified (whether by the 
> AuthnRequest data such as AssertionConsumerServiceURL, 
> AssertionConsumerServiceIndex, ProtocolBinding,   or whether 
> by the  IDP using the default endpoint for this service) must 
> have a binding of SOAP/PAOS for things to work.

I'd think so.

> 4. I assume the ECP examples related to xxxConsumerURL in 
> [SAMLProf] should probably be fixed so that they correlate. 
> I.e., the SP is sending a value of 
> http://identity-service.example.com/abc whereas this should 
> be the assertion consumer url that the IDP defines in the 
> ecp:Response AssertionConsumerServiceURL?

Looks like errata in the example to me.

-- Scott

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