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Subject: Agenda for 21-Jun SSTC con-call

*** Please remember that the dial-in access code has changed!

Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950; Access code: 270-9441#


1.       Approve minutes from 7-Jun-2005 con-call:

a.       Minutes of SSTC Conference Call, 07-June-2005


2.       Pending CD edit status?

a.       metadata-ext [Eve: AI 213]

b.       X.509 Authn-based attribute protocol profile

c.       Thomas Grosz response paper


3.       John H: Groups - sstc-saml-tech-overview-2.0-draft-06.pdf uploaded

a.       Technical Overview - comments request


4.       Jahan: Errata.

a.       PE14 (Overlaps with PE5) – We agreed to vote on PE14 on this call


5.       Merritt: SAML Adoption Enhancement subcommittee

a.       Merritt provided first draft to chairs for review.


6.       Other list discussions and postings:

a.       Greg: Third-party AuthnRequest use case

b.       Prateek M: ECP operational mode and the identity provider discovery profile

c.       Jeff H: fyi: upcoming SAMLv2 Conformance Event

d.       Nick R: SAML over SOAP in a Multipart/Related MIME part of SwA?

e.       Nick R: PE2 and <ArtifactResolutionService>

f.         Nick R: Potential Errata, HTTPS in URI Binding

g.       Nick R: Adding Metadata to SAMLConf? A strawman

h.       Ron M: [Fwd: [wss] Groups - SAML Token profile V1.1 - Working Draft 3 (withchanges) (WSS-SAML-TOKEN-PROFILE-1.1-wd-03.pdf) uploaded]

i.         Tom W: Authentication Response IssuerName vs. Assertion IssuerName

j.         Tom W: Affiliation ID

k.       Tom W: ECP SSO Profile and Metadata


7.       Action Item review:

a.       See attached list


8.       Any other business?


9.       Adjourn


Report created 20 June 2005 12:35pm EDT  


#0217: Explore with OASIS how best to do publication of redlined specs based on errata. Owner: Eve Maler Status: Open Assigned: 2005-03-30 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2005-06-20 16:22 GMT
24-May: remains open. Eve will re-ping requisite person.

12-Apr: Per minutes: Eve sent mail message to Mary McCrae on 30 March

#0216: Formulate some suggested redline text for E7 for review. Owner: Jahan Moreh Status: Open Assigned: 2005-03-30 Due: --- Comments:

#0210: Links to new IPR policy to be sent to SSTC Owner: Rob Philpott Status: Open Assigned: 2005-03-15 Due: --- Comments:

#0180: Need to update SAML server trust document Owner: Jeff Hodges Status: Open Assigned: 2004-07-12 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2004-07-20 01:59 GMT
Original AI was for Eve to follow up with Jeff to determine whether he would be updating this doc. That was done.

Discussion of this AI on 13-Jul indicates that the update will be a post 2.0 deliverable. Reassigned AI to Jeff for now.

#0213: Prepare final CD draft of metadata-1x document and submit it to OASIS Owner: Eve Maler Status: Open Assigned: 2005-03-29 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2005-03-29 14:04 GMT
Also need to poost link from web site

Rob Philpott 2005-03-30 14:04 GMT
Per 29-Mar meeting: Eve will try to do that by next week.

Prateek Mishra 2005-05-24 12:15 GMT
In progress; still open (update AI to also include metadata extension)

Rob Philpott 2005-06-20 16:27 GMT
24-May: Per minutes: COMMENT: also includes meta-data extension draft

#0223: Proposal for subcommittee to address enhancing SAML Adoption. Owner: Status: Open Assigned: 2005-06-20 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2005-06-20 16:01 GMT
10-Jun: Merritt provided first draft to TC chairs for review.

7-Jun: Merritt Maxim (CA) agreed to take this on, but is not listed as a TC member for assignment to the Action Item. Leaving it unassigned.

#0224: Re-work X.509 Authn attribute protocol profile to address SSTC comments. Owner: Rick Randall Status: Open Assigned: 2005-06-20 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2005-06-20 16:06 GMT
7-Jun: Rob agreed to work with Rick on this.

#0221: Request copy of Thomas Grosz paper for inclusion in SSTC archives Owner: Maryann Hondo Status: Open Assigned: 2005-04-12 Due: --- Comments:
Rob Philpott 2005-06-20 16:32 GMT
20-Jun: SSTC home page is linked to ACSAC copy of original paper.

12-Apr: per minutes: Maryann wrote letter to IEEE, waiting for reply - issue is IEEE copyright. Paper is available on net, but goal is to have copy.


Rob Philpott
Senior Consulting Engineer
RSA Security Inc.
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020
I-name:  =Rob.Philpott


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